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Sic Bo Casino Game

Sic bo is a casino game that originated in Asia practice with three standard dice. Especially popular in Macau, Indonesia and the United States, sic bo, however, has never been legalized in France. So there is no chance that you can find in land casinos group Partouche and Barriere. Nevertheless, it is possible to have fun in sic bo free on some online casinos. See the table of our partners for more details!

Sic Bo includes several elements that are critical to its successful implementation. A table with multiple columns and boxes is used by players to perform their various bets, play mat will launch three dice, the centerpiece of sic bo. The game is played under the command of a dealer who collects bets bettors, paid their winnings and manages the PLC whose function is to mix the dice. Indeed, this mechanical system guarantees fair draws and puts all players on the same level playing field. Note that the sic bo is a game a bit more complex it seems. Perfect knowledge of the various proposed paris is essential if you want to win this game.

Sic bo is essentially a prediction game. To win, the player must predict what will be the roll of the dice. This is not an easy task! Moreover, the potential gains that is likely to win the player depends on the type of paris which he has opted. These are numerous and allow a large number of possibilities. Paris Pass, Lack, Triple, Double, they often allow to bet on a draw between a number and such, so that it can literally burst into tears if it falls on a bad day. In addition, the payment reports differ greatly between each bet. The play, however, remains no less simplistic: the player simply has to put his chips in the box corresponding to the selected bet and wait for the active dealer cage used to mix the dice. At the time of the draw, the player knows whether he won or lost.

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