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The game of roulette is of course a game of chance and only it can determine your results on all our roulette games offered on this site. However, be aware that there are reliable tips for that chance grows luck on your side! We want all our players win! which is already the case for some of them. One evening on the computer, the unique world of online casinos that we recommend, can result in a huge increase your bet.

At roulette game, if the ball lands on "0" checkbox, it means the total loss of the development in most cases. American roulette has two boxes "0" (0 and 00) while the European roulette does not propose one. So there is less chance of hitting the zero European roulette.

Statistical studies have shown that the safest faceoff roulette is putting on a single opportunity. The casino advantage over the player is greatly reduced. Simple odds are placed on a large number of numbers as you bet on either odd or even (each of 18 numbers) or a color (red or black) or lack of (from 1 to 18) or passes (19 to 36). Playing a simple luck, you can win your bet. 100 euro bet, you'll win 100 euro instantly! Another advantage in the context of a set of simple luck, the casino offers you the opportunity to get half of your bet when outputting zero! In all other possible roulette, the zero set out, you lose your entire bet.

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