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The poker tournament is a tournament of poker online as well as the sit-and-go and cash games. However, the event promises a higher gain and allows progression to a broader set: the international poker tournament. However, depending on the room and the level, duties or cellar (buy in) and commissions (fee) may be higher. Often the value of the commission led by the site equivalent to 10% of the cellar.

The principle of the poker tournament is to eliminate his opponents gradually, and the goal is to find the final table and of course, win. The tournament begins with several tables. The players are the same level for most of the time together to ensure a fair game.

At the beginning of the tournament, players start with the same number of chips. They increase or to lose As the game, and those who remain qualified for the next stage, and so on until the final table. Is qualified to advanced tournament poker pros and identifies those with a very good level. Obviously, the game is more limited and players are more likely, but on the other hand, the pot is higher.

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