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After the explosion of Texas Hold 'Em has poured out on the tables thousands of players ready to battle it out playing on tables increasingly crowded - and sometimes level not great - most experienced player many have chosen to specialize in one of the games of poker more technical in circulation, Omaha.

Compared to Texas poker, Omaha variant requires that all players receive four hole cards (face down) each in order to use two of these to create the best five-card hand can be implemented in combination with three community cards (face ) ordered by the dealer on the board.

Omaha poker contains within it three different game variations such as Fixed Limit, No Limit and Pot Limit (indicated in many rooms with the initials PLO), which seems to be at the time by far the favorite Italian players and linking the size of bets allowed to those of the total pot. Aware of how many of our readers who are more interested in the game of Omaha. We have decided to dedicate a large space in this variation of poker with useful resources such as the rules of the game or an interesting series of eight articles on strategy game called how to survive in Omaha poker.

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