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The Backgammon appears the game the oldest in the world since there are traces of this game even before the Romans. 's Backgammon is played by two, on a plate, the board which consists of 24 points narrow. These arrows are of alternating colors and form four arrows each of six areas. These areas are called home board and outer board player and home board and outer board of his opponent. The inner and outer quadrants are separated by a central part: the bar. Each player has a pair of dice and a cup for the launch. marked the doubling cube is a cube of digits following the powers of 2: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 The cube shows the number of points at stake in the game.

Backgammon is played for a stake or bet amount. During the game, a player he is foreseeing good posture may propose doubling the stakes. He can not do that early in his round before rolling the dice. A player who is offered a double has the option to refuse, in which case he admits defeat and pays the amount wagered or challenge initially. Otherwise he must accept twice and continue to play for higher stakes.

Boxes 1-6 on each side are called the January (January 1 per player), this area very important when it comes to hand pawns in play or struck out the pieces to win. The cube will be placed between the two players (on the edge of the deck or the bar) displays the value 64. Pieces move , a player moves his or her pawns as many spaces shown on the two dice and must play both dice if possible. If only one number can be played and there is a choice, the highest number to be played. A pawn can land either on an empty square or on a box containing pieces of your camp or on a box containing a single opponent pawn. In the latter case, the pawn of the player replaces the opponent's piece is captured.

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