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How to Play Craps - A beginner's guide

Online Craps is - guess what the name - a dice game and is one of the table games in the casino. Online Craps you might also know under the name of Seven Eleven. What is the button on the card games at the Unibet casino is, in the so-called craps shooter. Unlike Street craps, where you compete against other players, you play casino craps online only against the shooter who rolls. The aim of the game is to bet on whether you win or the shooter. For this purpose, several bets are offered.

Craps may look complicated at first; the principle of the game is simple. First you put a mouse click your wager. You simply place chips on your screen craps table and while in the field, which is provided for your preferred bet. On the craps table a graph with special fields for any wager is located. The field for the hard-betting is, for example, in the middle of the table, while the fields for the betting line at the edge of the craps table can be found.

Click with the mouse to "roll" or "cubes". Shooter rolls for the first time with two ordinary dice (the come out roll). Both dice have the numbers 1-6 eyes. It counts the total numbers of both eyes. To play craps online casino has one important advantage: Sitting during the land based casino next to the shooter, three dealers, a box man, a stickman and other players at the table, you need to focus on craps online only to itself and the shooter - just a huge relief for beginners to become familiar with online craps.

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