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If the dealer has a blackjack table face-up card equal to 4, 5 or 6, the player must request a new card, except it has a soft hand. These letters can make the dealer bust. If we had 17 or more, do not spend the 21 points, we should not ask for more cards, because if we do it will most likely beyond this value. If he knew a link between the dealer and the player, no one would win and the bet is returned to the user.

If we have an ace in our hand, we face a powerful card. On the other hand, if we have two aces, we have only 12 points. If we divide the chance to win two 21. The worst hand is one where we have two 8 because the sum would give us 16 points. A good base letter is one that is worth 10 points, beyond having 20 points in a hand is very powerful to be divided. One of the worst cards is visible if you divide a 6, then you would have two basic layers of 6 points.

You should always remember that you have to split two aces in the same way that the two 8. If the letter of the pair that the player is bigger than the dealer's visible card is no doubt that the user will have to split your hand. It is important to know what the rules are presented by the online casino in question of what is allowed splitting a hand, because each site has different conditions.

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